We are the experts of the turbine exhaust ducting systems. We manufacture either cold (inner) insulated or non-insulated by-pass or main stacks and exhaust ducts. For over years, we successfully finished many exhaust systems for different types of turbine manufacturers. The power plant stacks and exhaust ductwork are usually internally insulated with heat resistant fibre material covered by a stainless steel liner system. Our special and compact insulation design compensates the material extension and elongation due to high temperature. The internal insulation maximizes heat retention and minimizes external thermal growth, eliminating frame distortions and stresses. We carefully design the fixing system, pin size, internal pin spacing and liner plate thicknesses to ensure the durability of all exhaust ducts and stacks. We commonly use various types of stainless steel, carbon and alloy steels in these kinds of stacks. Our solutions are to meet the noise control requirements in exhaust systems considering far field, near field, low frequency emissions. In addition, we produce casing panels for many international Heat Recovary Steam Generator (HRSG) companies.