Assembly and Installation Service for Power Plants and Heavy Industry Facilities


We provide services for erection and construction of the power plants. We successfully manage the safety, quality, cost, schedule and productivity. Our purpose is always to complete a project in a timely manner and all erection services are carried out in accordance with the international standards.

We do the erection works of equipment that require expertise to ensure the proper functioning and long service life. Key equipment such as gas turbines, engines, stacks, chimneys, diverters, dampers, transition ducts, pressure vessels are the products that we often install. After which we perform the necessary tests to make sure the plant performs as intended and complete commissioning works and training of operators. The as built records, engineering updates and all necessary records are reported precisely during and after installation.

Another service we can provide is the relocation of power plants and other industrial plants. As per the initial plans, we take an already installed plant, disassemble and uninstall it piece by piece carefully, mark each item according to area, item and serial number classifications and package them properly to make sure they will not get lost or get damaged during the transition to the target location. After all the items are brought to the relocation area, the pre-planned installation is carried out with all the local factors such as geological properties and ambient conditions of the area are taken into account. After the installation all the equipment is checked for any issues before the plant is handed over to the customer, ready to operate.

Our production philosophy is always to become a source for a cost-effective construction.