Our company ROTA Engineering undertakes;

As an organization that provides design, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales support services for all heavy industry facilities, especially the energy sector, to companies of all sizes all over the world; In line with the policies determined within the framework of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety;

• Continuous growth, continuous improvement and fulfillment of applicable conditions including legal regulatory requirements,

• Based on the principle of "Safety First", to take the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of the employees, to have the necessary tools to implement these measures,

• In order for the safety principle to be implemented, all employees will comply with the rules on occupational health and safety without exception (it should be remembered that our jobs are never urgent and important enough to endanger the safety and health of our employees.)

• To minimize the accidents that may occur during and after the activities by preventing the possibility of accident at its source and to accept it as its primary goal to strive to prevent occupational diseases.

• It will carry out its activities in all processes in occupational health and safety activities with the aim of "continuous improvement", thus minimizing the dangers,

• To continuously improve all processes by managing risks effectively,

• To influence all parties in the life cycle of products and services and to support an environmentally friendly world view across employees, suppliers and contractors,

• Making choices that prevent / reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the use of chemicals in all business processes such as welded manufacturing, surface treatments and packaging,

• To prefer reuse and / or recycling methods in raw materials and consumables, to protect the environment,

• To educate our employees about environmental effects in welded manufacturing and steel construction activities and to instill environmental awareness as a general awareness of life,

• To improve customer satisfaction by exhibiting a socially responsible approach in the production, installation and presentation of all our products and services throughout all relevant fields and business operations,

• Ensure that quality is a priority in all our processes, the participation of all employees in line with quality targets and the development of quality awareness in order to use their skills at the highest level,

• To create a healthy and safe working environment by considering OHS hazards and managing risks,

• To prevent injuries and health deterioration,

• Consulting and ensuring participation of employee and employee representatives,

• This policy will be reviewed annually and made accessible to all relevant parties through the "Corporate" menu on the website of the organization.