Complete Engineering Solutions for Power Plants and Process Industries


We provide complete engineering solutions for power and process industries. With our wide experience in many sectors, we guide investors and give alternative engineering solutions in many cases.

We evaluate different design options from technical and economical standpoints to find the best solutions for our customers, using the latest software.

Our detailed analysis, calculations and tune drafting works bring the project needs to the problem free systems. Our highly trained staff prepares general arrangement and detail drawings in accordance with the international standards.

Thanks to our involvement in many international large-scale projects, we have highly qualified engineering resources which enabling us to start and build a project from the ground up and finish it in “turn-key” condition in a short time with quality and lasting equipment.

Our main services in this field are as follows;

  • Technical and economical evaluation of different design options,
  • Supply of mechanical calculations, flow analysis, heat transfer analysis according to international codes and standards,
  • Preparation of P&I Diagrams, general arrangement drawings,
  • Detail engineering, manufacturing drawings complete with bill of materials,
  • Preparation of the technical and commercial specifications