From Due Diligence to Finished Product


Each are tailored for their specific use in the projects to best fit to the needs of the customer and fulfill their duties for a long service life and efficient running.

We can provide products as a turn-key basis from the early feasibility stage of your processes. We do all engineering studies, mechanical calculations, detail design, and manufacturing with in house means. We also provide services for HRSG suppliers with built to print projects. The transport to site and erection works are also a part of our services where required.

Our exhaust system products are installed in many power plants all over the world. The power plant stacks and exhaust ductwork are usually internally insulated with heat resistant fiber materials covered by a stainless-steel liner system. Our unique and compact insulation design compensates the material extension and elongation due to high temperatures. The internal insulation maximizes heat retention, and minimizes external thermal growth, eliminating frame distortions and stresses. We carefully design the fixing system, pin size, internal pin spacing, and liner plate thicknesses to ensure the durability of all exhaust ducts and stacks.