Ana ürün gruplarımızın yanı sıra sanayiinin her dalı için ağır hizmet kaldırma ve doğrultma kirişleri imal ediyoruz. Bu kirişler uluslararası standartlarda imal edilmekte, özel yükleme test makinamızla 700 ton.f yüke kadar fabrikamızda test edilmekte ve CE sertifikalı olarak müşterilerimizn hizmetine sunulmaktadır.

Besides our main products, we produce heavy lifting and spreader beams and uprighting frames for industrial services. These beams are designed and manufactured as per international standards, tested up to 700-ton loading with our special loading machine in our workshop. All beams are offered with CE certificates.

• The beams are produced in custom design depending on project specifications.
• Our EN1090 and ISO3834 certificates ensure the highest quality standards and safety.

Unique Frames for Construction Services
We can provide complete solutions for hefty and large loads, including lifting beams and up-righting frames arrangement. The goods can be installed in place with specifically designed up-righting frames without possible damages during construction.

The lifting beams are sent with specifically designed connection bolts, pins and lugs by considering the number of lifting operations. Necessary spare parts are always available in the short term.

Full Manufacturing Survey
We have welding and production specialists qualified by third parties. However, the whole production can be controlled by an authorized inspector where required.

Fast Delivery
There is also a lifting beam-type as well as each lifting load type. We provide the most suitable competitive solution in a short time. Many parts of the beams are quickly produced in automated machines.

We Value Your Goods
We are well aware of all the goods of the heavy industry are labour-intensive, high economic value products. It is an essential task to move them safely and install them in place. We design and manufacture our products that will serve perfectly with this awareness. Customer satisfaction is always our priority.

"Power your process with our reliable, cost-competitive products, power your plant!.."