Enerji santralleri ve endüstriyel tesisler için akışı kontrol edecek ya da tam sızdırmaz şekilde kesecek çok çeşitli klapeler ve damperler imal etmekteyiz.

Diverter, Giyotin, Kelebek vb. tipte üretilmiş damperlerimiz dünyanın pek çok yerinde başarıyla çalışmaktadırlar.

Uzun yıllara dayanan bilgi birikimimiz ve tecrübemizle çok kanatlı, jaluzi, kelebek, giyotin vb. çok çeşitli damperler de imal etmekteyiz. Yalnızla enerji santrallerine değil endüstrinin her kesimine yüksek performanslı ürünler sunmaktayız. Yüksek sıcaklık, türbülans, basınç, aşınma sorunu olan bir çok tesiste ve dünyanın bir çok ülkesinde çeşitli damperlerimiz verimle çalışmaktadırlar.

We provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for the design, manufacture and erection of many dampers such as butterfly, tight shut-off louvre, fully sealed multi louvre, tri lever and guillotine dampers. These dampers successfully control the gas flow from any process of power and many industrial applications. They are also used for component isolation for maintenance, emergency isolation or energy saving.
• The dampers can be driven with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators depending on the design parameters.
• Having the working ability of various materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, corrosion or abrasion-resistant steels, we design dampers for high temperature, high pressure, high abrasive applications.

From Due Diligence to Ready to Serve Products
We can involve your projects from the early feasibility stage of your processes. We do all engineering studies, mechanical calculations, detail design and manufacturing with in house means. The transport and erection services are also a part of our services where required.

We have various type of dampers for a wide of industrial field such as cement plants, paper plants, petrochemical plants, oxygen plants, iron and steel plants, power plants, treatment plants, refineries and similar.

Service for Pressure Lines
We can design dampers for even high-pressure pipelines even serving in highly corrosive fluids.

Ensure the Safety 
Our damper stops the flow with high sealing performances. As an example, our three lever dampers can isolate the pressurized oxygen lines 99.9% without any sealing air addition.

We Protect the Environment
Our design philosophy is always based on the protection of our sources. We save water, energy, fuels by producing highly efficient low-leakage dampers. Fine-tuned sealing systems continuously keep high productivity.

"Power your process with our reliable, cost-competitive products, power your plant!.."