ROTA, kojenerasyon ve kombine çevrim enerji santrallerinin yüksek sıcaklıkta çalışan içten ya da dıştan izoleli, by-pass ya da ana bacaların tasarımlarında ve imalatında uzman bir kuruluştur. Kurduğumuz sistemler bir çok tesiste uzun yıllardır başarıyla hizmet vermektedir.

Stacks or chimneys, a vertical pipe, channel, or similar structure through which combustion product gases called "flue gases" are exhausted to the outside air. Flue gases are produced when coal, oil, natural gas, wood, or any other fuel is combusted in a gas turbine, an industrial furnace, or other large combustion devices. We provide stacks or chimneys, especially for power plants designed as per several international standards. We commonly use various types of stainless steel, carbon, and alloy steels in these kinds of stacks.
• We manufacture either cold (inner insulated) or hot (non-insulated) by-pass or main stacks and exhaust ducts.
• Over the years, we successfully finished many exhaust systems for different types of turbine manufacturers.

From Due Diligence to Finished Product
We can provide stacks as a turn-key basis from the early feasibility stage of your processes. We do all engineering studies, mechanical calculations, detail design, and manufacturing with in house means. The transport and erection services are also a part of our services where required.

We have lots of references for the power plant stacks. The power plant stacks and exhaust ductwork are usually internally insulated with heat resistant fiber materials covered by a stainless-steel liner system. Our unique and compact insulation design compensates the material extension and elongation due to high temperatures. The internal insulation maximizes heat retention, and minimizes external thermal growth, eliminating frame distortions and stresses. We carefully design the fixing system, pin size, internal pin spacing, and liner plate thicknesses to ensure the durability of all exhaust ducts and stacks.

Silence the Noise
Many processes, like power production, make noise pollution far above industrial limits. Our stacks are equipped with various silencer units to bring the noise into limits.

Ensure the Safety
Large dimensions do matter when it comes to the largest gas turbines’ exhaust. We build well-designed, very large, and high stacks all over the world, ensuring maximum safety.

We Protect the Environment
Besides the structural strength, lots of parameters are essential for designing the stacks to create long-life plants. The noise and air pollutants become critical day by day. Our solutions are to meet the noise control requirements in exhaust systems considering far-field and near field frequencies. Also, we provide user-friendly structures to monitor the continuous emission controllers and other sample collections.

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